Launching a Small Business – My first Client

First of all I set myself up for an unrealistic goal to obtain my first client in month six. I’ve done some random networking and connected with some notable potential clients in their own rights via e-mail, facebook, and telephone conference. My writing got me in and I must admit I was a little obnoxious in one instance. Our world has always revolved around relationships. Whatever role, job, and position we may claim, this is a fundamental truth. This past week, I’ve tried twice to kick start my relationship with my heavenly father, my biological dad, and a father like figure who is gravely ill. Although, finding a customer and cultivating that relationship was a goal, it was a misguided one. First things first. So I’ve let go of the goal of getting that customer in month six. It will happen organically. I’ve gathered a new list of more copywriting masters such as Carlton, Kennedy, Hopkins, Lasker, Collier, Reeves, Karbo, Abraham, and Halbert. Whew! I truly believe in paying homage to the masters and learning the skill techniques of copywriting from them. Much like in my ¬†Christian walk the words of Jesus, the patriarchs, the prophets, and apostles inspire me. Let’s not forget words of women in the bible like Sarah, Ruth, Deborah, Hannah,Mary, Elizabeth etc. do. Back to copywriting, I do ackowledge women copywriters as the two leaders of American Writers & Artists Inc. are women. Unfortunately, I’ve read plenty of articles on AWAI’s website by women copywriters but not books. Hmmm I’ll have to find a book written by a woman copywriter. I had to digress a little. The point I am trying to make is there is much study for me to do. At the end of the week I look forward to reviewing my handwritten notes from the copywriting course that started it all. I at that time was developing and trying to persuade my very first customer of the amazing benefits copy will have on their business. You know who that very first client was? That client was me.


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