My Why – Dirt

Here’s the dirt. No what I mean is let’s get into some dirt. Really. Why am I becoming a copywriter? Why should people do business with me? No, the last question let’s strike that one out for now. At times you can never  really know the definitive reason why people choose you for this or that. What I mean is – what do I hope to gain?

I’ve seen it time and time again where people flaunt their success. “I’ve arrived.” “I worked so hard for so many years.” “I’ve come from nothing or I had a fabulous foundation or up-bringing and that’s why I am where I am.” Here are some more accolades: the statistics, the numbers, the many followers, fans and of course, “I’ve mentored so many people onto success.” “I’ve made myself millions if not billions of dollars.” “We’ve helped the poor, lowly and lonesome of the world rise up and become this  or that….”  From my critical perspective, I call this selfish egotism. Yet, I don’t mean to downplay all of those accomplishments or rain on someone else’s parade so to speak. It’s always great to be in service of others. Yet, you don’t really get to know what motivated these people in the first place from these veneers of altruism.

What is it that I am trying to gain or get to? Of course there are measurements of success. Milestones such as money, awards, popularity, acknowledgment and the like. Who wants to have two people following their blog and the other person is themselves?

So again, what/why am I pursuing, studying, working hard at copywriting?

Is it for the show case house, fat bank account, notoriety, fancy cars, trips, gourmet food, expensive clothes, name dropping or to have a world reknown brand? Don’t forget the interviews, newsworthy articles, fame on the internet, becoming well-known and not to mention high society circles.

I’ll admit the lack of a steady paycheck feels like being lost in a desert for days only to realize you’ve only managed to get no further than your starting point. Now that’s making me dizzy just thinking about that.

But really, I had to reach in deep into my brain to get the why. Really think about my mantra. What’s going to get me up at 5 a.m. in the morning. What’s the mission statement?

The mission statement seems a little high and mighty at the moment. So let’s just stick to the core of “My why.”

I just want to get my hands dirty in some dirt. No not pay dirt. Really some dirt. Okay before you stop reading, hear me out. I’ll explain why.

We work hard and are conditioned to reward ourselves with packaged brand names of this and that. That’s all fine and I do like the finer things in life, going somewhere fabulous, seeing a play-concert, wearing some nice clothes, eating some good food or at the moment watching others do so. Reality t.v. of fantastic homes, showrooms of nice cars would be really nice to have. But at the end of the day, what is the take away from all these things? More money, more toys, more trouble. Also, the constant running around of finding ways to spend, spend, spend. ? ?! There’s a time and place for that. I said it before on my twitter account, if no one’s buying no one’s making a living.

I want to get down to the basic elemental things of life. Creating, nurturing and coaxing life from life.

Don’t take time to look at the flowers, look at the dirt instead. Dirt the basic unit of our ecosystem, bare but marvelous.

So I’ll like to have the time to get into some dirt. I want to plant, cultivate, participate in the season in and season out cycles of nature. I yearn for the rhythms of this type of work. I want to have time to do this everyday. No, it’s not the title farmer that I am after. Just to become a part of in some small way the handling of dirt.

Don’t underestimate the power of dirt. Most of the known planets are in some form of composition a vast ball of dirt. Potential yet to be cultivated and tapped into. So my real mark of success into the copywriting world is that I can put on some overalls with a shovel in hand plotting and planting.

Soil is black gold. Actually it’s more valuable than gold. Gold shows off but dirt quietly provides substenance for life on our shared planet.



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