Word Grip Action Copywriting Service, LLC

There it is!  Last week, I registered my business name with New York State as Word Grip Action Copywriting Service, LLC. I also received my EIN number so that I can pay taxes on the money I earn in my business.

Today, I am going to visit a Wix office to see about hosting and creating a domain name for my website as well as creating the website. I am choosing to visit an office as opposed to doing everything behind a computer. Human to human contact, the trend back to normal.

Next will be my logo, business cards and my business bank account.

April has been a busy month. I am winding down from a temporary assignment unrelated to copywriting, decluttering to create space for my business and in this last week reeling from the worst allergies of my life.

Reminder, this blog is about my month to month practical transformation at becoming a Copywriter and creating a small business. I want to share my journey with others. No matter how fast and easy things may be advertised in our day, growth takes time and incremental steps are best to anything that will last.

Next month I will write a book review on a book about the life of a freelancer.

In the meantime, I am going to repost an article on how we are inundated with content. My sentiments exactly. Realistically we can’t keep up with everything. In the old days, when all there was was newspapers & magazines, who read every article? We need to be selective on the content we read. I do appreciate the time others have taken to read my humble blog.

Be well until next month.

Regine Baptiste


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