Book Review “My So-Called Freelance Life – How to survive and thrive as a creative professional for hire.” by Michelle Goodman

I didn’t feel like I was reading a book. It seemed more like I was having a conversation. Of course as I sat on the train, my responses were always in my head. Just what I  desperately needed, a sit down talk.

I could have easily read the book in a day. I chose not to as the advice was so no-nonsense and at times hilarious. I held onto every bit of information that Ms. Goodman had to offer.. She has a lively way of articulating to you what you need to know in making it on your own as a creative professional.

From the onset Ms. Goodman makes it very clear that she is “not an accountant, financial adviser, or legal professional.” In other words, she won’t put you to sleep. You’ll love her way of getting you going towards becoming the self-employed.

This book is the real deal. It touches on concerns that you may have right now.  Yes, she talks about running out of money as well as going out of your mind. The bottom line, your fear of failure.

Chapter by Chapter Ms. Goodman takes you through the stages of becoming the boss of you. It’s up to you to make it or not. They’ll be no one to tell you what you should be doing day by day. Ms. Goodman puts it all out there. You’ll know what to expect.

Without giving up the goods and spoiling the fun, I decided to simply rewrite the chapter headings in my own words. This way you get an idea of what I got out of the book.

  1. Your Plan
  2. Getting Paid
  3. Your Workspace
  4. Being a Professional
  5. Product Reviews
  6. Setting your fees
  7. Finding clients
  8. Choosing projects & clients
  9. Your sales pitch
  10. Getting paid
  11. The Deal
  12. The Contract
  13. Clients
  14. Bad Clients
  15. Your Money
  16. The IRS
  17. Your Time
  18. Getting the world to notice you

Epilogue – You can do it like I did

Have you ever sat down at a restaurant and had a wonderful meal and then left without paying? I have.

Well actually in the proverbial sense after I read Ms. Goodman’s book I felt I had just had a free meal. You see, I  was so skeptical, actually sarcastic about taking advice from another author that I took the book out of the library. Like you, there’s always a seminar, book, conference, class, online advertisement that you are assaulted with. Someone telling you to buy their advice and you’ll be so much the better for it.  I thought I would just skim through the book in a yeah  yeah I heard it all before way.

But l just sat and hung on her every word.

So in the meantime to pay for the service of such great advice, I brought another of Ms. Goodman’s books, “The Anti 9 to 5 Guide….” More great info and this time, I won’t get it for free.

Because isn’t this what it’s all about, getting paid? Or rather working as a freelancer and making a living.

Thanks Ms. Goodman, for the kick in the pants I needed right now. There’s a whole world of work out there. It won’t be a secret or mystery anymore after you read “My So-Called Freelance Life – How to survive and thrive as a creative professional ” by Michelle Goodman


IOU – I will go and buy “My So-Called Freelance Life…..” because nothing of value is free. Right now my shoe-string budget prevents me to do so.



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