A Talk

That sit down you need to do with another person. It’s best done face to face. Since the 1980’s in the United States, there have been so many examples of talk shows on t.v. and the internet. Talk shows have become so much a part of our culture that it’s the norm to watch others air out their most intimate thoughts. And as with a lot of things American, an audience watching others have the talk, has spread around the world.

Too bad the examples that we often see are planned and in a question and answer format.

I think the most effective way of expressing your thoughts is in a free style way of communicating. There must be some reason or forethought involved when having a talk with someone. Just don’t make it sound like you are reading from a script in your head. Even talks we see on reality shows must be rehearsed as their main motive is to entertain. I often see that the reality show type of talks incite violence. That’s not a good example of the talk either.

The talk can either be positive or negative. I don’t mean a talk out of anger or super sugary coated words. Just a plain old need to be heard.

In this exchange, the other person should be open to listen. After your statements are made then the person who started the conversation should be willing to listen to the response.

This seems so basic.

Unfortunately, it’s a skill lacking with a lot of people. Even with all the talk shows we’ve been exposed to, most people don’t know how to do the talk.

Having the talk can do so much for your emotional, mental and physical being. Keeping all the things you would like to say inside without an outlet causes health problems. I am not referring to the talk you have with your girlfriends or the guys. It’s the talk you have with the person you need to discuss a topic or issue that effects the both of you. It’s not about being confrontational but more of clarifying something that needs to be said or may have been misunderstood. If this cannot be done in an atmosphere of truth, mutual respect and good listening skills, then the talk is left best undone.

Today, make a list of people you need to have a talk with. Look over that list and cross out those where the talk would not be possible. Sometimes as the saying goes, saying nothing says more.

Communicating is a part of living.

So get from behind watching someone else have the talk and get your own conversations going.




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