The Selling of Subway Pole Acrobats

Young men flipping and twisting their bodies on a moving train.

I’ll describe them from their proper origins, Alkebulan or Kemet.

If you’ve ever ridden a NYC train, you’ve probably  seen them do the impossible on stainless steel.

This cold day in December struck something in me rather familiar.

Three dancers were unique in their moves as Mary J.Blige sang from their radio on the #7 train.

“That’s just fine fine fine fine….”

Their performance had new twists and flips.

Unlike others I’d seen before.

I was pleasantly surprised as they went through their routine.

Young men full of power.

Not willing to beg for a piece of The New York City economy.

For now this was how they survived the threat of gentrification.

No tickets purchased on long lines.

It’s Showtime

Get your dollars ready.

I couldn’t help but to think that I was in the same predictament.

I’m trying to put a spin on words that would grab the reader’s attention towards a product or service.

Now before me as bodies spun, I saw the dizzying push for life.

No matter how hard things get, you’ll find someone else working harder.

So the show ended. There was no more space.

The opportunity would come again

On another stop

As the crowds rush out for their pay.

Regine Baptiste

copyright 2016


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