Making it to the Big Time


The only reason we have goals or go about setting to accomplish anything in our lives is because we want to achieve a high level of success. Children dream of being super stars or one day saving the world from the worst villain ever. Well, that is if they have adults in their lives telling them that they can be or do anything once they put their minds to it.

Whether as adults we pursue a career, engage in sports, or become a musician, whatever we wish to become, we do with the intention to make it to the top.

With a goal we are committed to, we will be successful. The key is to be on a path that matches what skill sets we choose to develop. Becoming a copywriter has been my all-consuming dream for many months now.

Being recognized for how well we do something is a common goal for most. Challenges in our lives met with the satisfaction of high achievement is a great feeling.

It is with this in mind that I picked up to read “The Little Black Book of Success: Laws of Leadership for Black Women,” written by three authors – Elaine Meryl Brown, Marsha Haygood, and Rhonda Joy Mclean. I haven’t had the privilege of one-on-one mentoring in my life which the book mentions is necessary for success. My mentors have been authors. Writers are my heroes and by default my mentors as well.

In western society, becoming a success can only be had by the very few. There’s usually a dollar sign with at least 3 commas to follow to qualify you as being successful. You are either a part of this elusive and exclusive club or you’ll never make the cut. This strikes a nerve with me.  Any and everyone can and should become the very best they can be. That in of itself is what being successful is all about.

The book I read was on leadership and becoming successful at it. Way too many people assume a marker of success is equated to becoming a leader of some sort. Again, this is a false idea many are programmed to believe in. Leadership is a huge responsibility and the people under and over you can make or break your success.  I read the book with the intention to appreciate what makes a great leader. I wanted to learn about those characteristics and apply them to my copy writing business.

In any stage of our lives we will always have to answer and be aware of hierarchy as it is a fact of life. Working from home or starting a small business does not mean that we won’t work with the same structure that we find in a corporation.

“The Little Black Book of Success: Laws of Leadership for Black Women,” was written for those who want to achieve success in the corporate world. The world has changed. The traditional corporate job is the era of the 1960’s – 1990’s. People can be successful outside of corporate walls as well.

Put to rest your best interview suit and the impression you need to make. When you become excellent and skilled in what you choose to be, your reputation will precede you. You’ll be trying to fit others into your schedule rather than your getting on theirs. Let’s break out of the paradigm that you need to have a cushy corporate job to be considered a success.

As a midlife career changer, I’ve had to focus in on information and advice that keeps me motivated. I’ve had to be on do over mode. My waste basket has been many times filled with lots of crumpled up paper. It’s about pushing through even when you are scared and doubts arise.

I’ll leave you with two profound statements I found in the book, “The Little Black Book of Success….”

page 8

“….Instead of thinking, “Oh, I can’t do this, I’ve never done this before,” say, “This is new to me, I’ll give it my best shot….”

page 14

“Don’t get caught up in what other people think.”

Believe in your own success. I know I will.

Regine Baptiste

Word Grip Action Copywriting Service

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