There are many waterfalls you can visit this summer in Upstate NY.

Here’s a quicklist:

Niagara Falls  |  Eternal Flame Falls  |  Middle Falls  |  Rainbow Falls – Watkins Glen State Park  |  Taughannock Falls  |  Buttermilk Falls  |  Lower Falls  |  Chittenango Falls  |  Kaaterskill Falls  |  High Falls Gorge  |  Rainbow Falls – Ausable Chasm  |  High Falls  |  OK Slip Falls  |  Salmon River Falls  |  Cohoes Falls

I was recently at the High Falls near a town called Claryville.

After walking beside a man-made lake, through a forest and somewhat steep muddy incline, we were there!

A small but impressive waterfall. It was a place of soft light. The air was filled with mists of water. We arrived at a very peaceful setting.

You couldn’t help but smile.

A picture is really worth a thousand words.

As the days get warmer and you are looking for relief from the stresses of life. Review the list above, set the date, and get on your own journey to a waterfall.

Eventhough, none of us jumped in, it was a cleansing experience.

After a week of remembering and participating in the ceremony of the Passover, followed by days of putting sin out of the lives of believers, a day at the waterfall was like the first day towards a new life.

Regine Baptiste





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