Month: May 2017

A Simple Request

2017-05-22 11.22.59Mommy, food, please.

Can I stay up late tonight?

I need an extension on the deadline for turning in my report.

I only have one item, can I be next on line?

Will you move one seat over so that I can sit next to my friend?

I need a car loan.

I’ll like a transfer to another department.

My steak, medium rare, please.

Hold the mayo, please.

All these statements are things we ask for. Simple and direct.

It’s very clear what we want to do, where we want to go, and what we would like to have.

Yet, there are goals that we want to achieve that by comparison are harder to accomplish.

Try and make $100,000 profit in two weeks.

Next year, take six months off to travel around South America.

Retire in ten years.

These are more difficult to attain to then ordering a medium rare steak.

The older we get, the more we understand the time factor involved in all things we set out to do day by day.

This is annoyingly true as one travels on public transportation.

When traveling via bus or train, three hours of shopping time has to be spread literally between two days.

And after work at that.

Timing and how much time we have is a big factor in life.

Make a request to have or become something that we don’t have or are not.

You fill in the blank.

I’ll like to….

As we quickly near the midpoint of another Roman calendar year, ask yourself this question.

What’s missing in your life?

In other words what requests have you had this year that you are still waiting on?

Remember to keep it simple.