AWAI’s 2017 Copywriting Pricing Guide

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Dear Clients :

Attached, you will find AWAI’s Copywriting Pricing Guide. These are the industry’s standard pricing guidlines for copywriting services.

In the meantine, I’ve been completing temporary assignments with employment agencies such as Robert Half and PNP on various administration duties.

I would rather be writing.

If you want to eat, one must work.

On my last assignment thru PNP at the “Financial Clinic, ” I had to take the bull by the horns.

I was given instructions from the employee manual to complete a new task. When I tried to follow the insructions, I could not get the task done.

Actually, on the instruction page there were instructions for two different tasks and I found each contained part of the instructions to the task I wanted to complete.

I decided to write new instructions that were easy to follow. I sent the new instructions to my direct supervisor.

The COO of the company happen to read it and stated  that what I had written was great. I was then asked to put these instructions on a document detailing the duties of my position.

I was also given the go ahead to make any additions that I thought would help the new person taking over the position.

I did a little editing and added to areas to the document missing information.

Going forward, I will be more aggressive in soliciting my services as a copywriter.

I was actually on a interview for a temp. to perm assignment and I talked about my training as a copywriter.

I didn’t get the assignment but I put my name out there.

As the saying goes, take one step at a time toward your goal.

Review the attached pricing guide. I am ready and available for my next copywriting assignment.

Contact me at and I’ll be happy to assist you on creating writing content that will bring attention to your service or product.

Word Grip Action Copywriting Service

“Your message selected and held above the rest.”

In the meantime,

Stay informed.

Stay relevant.

Regine Baptiste




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