Eden’s Garden Juices


A couple of months ago I was at the tasting event, “Explore West Harlem.” It was hosted by the NY Women’s Chamber of Commerce. I must say I had the most refreshing cold pressed juice from Eden’s Garden Juices. The mantra for their brand is “I decide, I am…enough”

Really, all we can do is put our best foot forward everyday. You can and should study or work as hard as you can. Yet, most times the world doesn’t seem to pay you back or return in kind your best efforts.

“I decide, I am…enough” is just accepting the way things have turned out. There’s always this pull to make things better, push harder, well if you’ve done all that and nothing has budged, it’s time to say, “I decide, I am…enough” Here’s a brand I can truly identify with. Genius.

There are some things beyond our control. What a humbling thought. It’s not about quitting or giving up. You just have to come to a peaceful place where you’ve given it your best shot.

Now is the time to pause, reflect, and review. What’s working what’s not.

It’s here where you rejuvenate yourself and rest for a while. Take a break. Look at the full picture of life, instead of seeing yourself running here and there to make a deadline. Now’s the time to sharpen your tools and get ready for the next phase.

Thanks, Eden’s Garden Juices for that lesson. It took time to understand. Truly a brand to be proud of.

I’ll also like to make mention of another company at the West Harlem event, Honor Thy Sweets, LLC. This small business makes memorable vegan cupcakes. Very moist and guilt free small bites of deliciousness.



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