Changing Your Taste For Ice cream

Are you used to that sugary high you get when you have ice cream?

With sugar being the cause of alot of health problems, it’s about time for us to lose that bad habit.

Sugar is the undercover drug of choice for many of us.

My main downfall in the area of sugar consumption has been ice cream.

It’s easy for me to turn down cake, pie, cookies,  and doughnuts. I’ve also stopped buying bleached white sugar.

But ice cream that’s my go to comfort food.

As with any addiction, the process begins with slowly weaning yourself so that you don’t experience any withdrawal symtoms.

You have to be fully committed when breaking any bad habit.

Making better health choices requires that you read the ingredients of any packaged food item.

Look up all the ingredients the next time you are buying ice cream. You’ll be surprised at how bad most of those ingredients are for you. Not to mention the sugar content.

When I started to read and look up the ingredients that were in ice cream, I started eating less of it. My choices were down to about three ice cream brands.

Recently, at a supermarket I normally don’t go to, I was looking for some ice cream.  As I checked out each brand of ice cream, most had questionable amounts of sugar and ingredients.

I was pleasantly surprised to discover Adirondack French Ice cream Creamery. Not only did the ice cream taste less sweet than most, it was refreshing. I tried a new flavor, Kulfi Pistachio Cardamom. This ice cream did not have the typical neon green color of most pistachio ice creams. Although, I was missing a strong cardamom flavor profile, the taste of salty pistachios nuts came through. I  had no guilt feelings after eating this ice cream.

I haven’t had ice cream in over a month. Sugar is not a priority. My health is.

But when I do, I can’t wait to try another flavor from Adirondack French Ice cream Creamery.



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