It’s Not Just The Chemicals In Ice Cream That Are Bad For You

20171221_183619(Please see at the end of this blog how Adirondack ice cream is part of the solution.)

If your ice cream has Polysorbate 80 or Mono and Diglycerides you must stop eating it now. I remember the first time someone told me that.

Like most people, I had taken for granted what was in my food. If it had a good taste and the price was right then I continued to buy it and eat it.

That was the wrong way to go about choosing food.

I had been influenced by many commercials that made my trip to the supermarket a no brainer. Instead of choosing quality foods, I chose brands.

I had a sheep mentality.

Before I continue, I’ll like to share with you important facts about ice cream you need to read about. There are many Food Activists out there who are tirelessly challenging companies to remove harmful ingredients from their products.  One excellent source is,”Food Babe” fame Vani Hart who has written two articles related to ice cream and milk products, they are, “Is There Really A Healthy Ice Cream Brand?,” and “After You Read This You’ll Never Look At Milk The Same Way Again!” Read these two articles for the details you need to know the next time you buy ice cream and milk products.

For decades many voices have been crying out to the food industry to change. Vani Hart has a bold and fresh way that has added many wins in the battle towards healthy food consumption. In my opinion she is fearless.

You don’t need to have a sheep mentality anymore. I chose Vani as she can provide you with up to date and immediate steps to take about various foods. You’ll enjoy reading her articles and books.

We have a personal responsibility towards better food choices.  Using our cell phones for research can speed up what we need to know about food. The next time you are at the supermarket, do more than just read the labels. Look up the ingredients. Google Polysorbate 80 on your cell phone. Once you do, you’ll see how harmful Polysorbate 80 is and put that food item back on the shelf that contains it.

The force for positive change begins with you. It’s not just the chemicals in food that are bad for you, it’s your willingness to keep a blind fold over your eyes when you buy food.

This issue is much bigger than your own health.

With tens of thousands of farmers from around the world committing suicide, that fact should be an alarming indicator that something has gone very wrong with our food supply.

If you and I do not personally know a farmer who has died, I am sure we know someone who has died from cancer. Each passing year, the battle to end cancer and other autoimmune diseases is not being won. If the direct causes of these diseases are not from our food and water supplies, then what is?

Food Companies will try to convince you that their farming methods extend the shelf life of foods.  They also reason that the chemicals added allow them to feed multiple millions of people who would otherwise starve. They are wrong! And the countless lives already loss prove them wrong.

If only we would ask a loving Creator to help us in this food crisis.

Food Companies need to admit the devastation they’ve reaped from their farming methods with the noxious chemicals they continue to add to the food supply.

Simply labeling certain food items organic is not enough. Every food item must be organic.

Do you really think our Creator would refuse to help us if we simply came clean and confessed that we cannot fix the damage already done?

Human stubbornness and pride prevents this from happening.

Up and coming adults (Millenials) who soon will be taking charge of society reason that since religion has failed, God must not exist. Wrong! We’ve failed. We’re here on Earth to learn lessons. This is not a philosophical statement, it’s our reality. And the elephant in the room is that our food supply is corrupted. God who created Heaven and Earth will fix the food supply issues for us. Millenials and Generation Z for that matter will not. We’ll soon learn that Christ must rule this Earth.

In the meantime, we the consumers must make better choices, one food item at a time.

As stated in my last blog post, I recently discovered Adirondack French Ice Cream Creamery. The vanilla flavor of this ice cream did not disappoint. You’ll have to try it for yourself to find out. The list of ingredients of Adirondack All Natural Vanilla French Ice Cream Creamery are: Cream, Milk, Cane Sugar, Nonfat Dry Milk, Egg Yolks, and Pure Vanilla Extract. You’ll also read on the back of the label that this ice cream is from rbST free milk and cream. Visit them at to learn more about their company.

Also, on the back of the Adirondack label you’ll read the slogan “Ice Cream as it Should Be.” I’ll like to add food as it should be. Use the power of your wallet to purchase from food companies and farms that are trying to do the right thing. Your health will thank you for it.

I hope I’ve made an impact on what foods you will select the next time you are at the supermarket.

This article was not a paid advertisement or endorsement from any person, company, or product mentioned on this blog post. My goal as a copywriter is to promote products and services that truly serve humanity.

Please support your local farmer.

Next month I’ll be tackling the potato.







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