Your writer’s voice is your spiritual voice

Picture taken at the Metropolitan Museum of Art. “Fighting Cows, ” 1911 by Franz Marc  (1880 – 1916).

Just think of  your belief system being like a dresser full of organized and folded laundry. In the first drawer you have your underwear. Second drawer your pajamas and grungy lounge wear, the kind you wouldn’t want to be seen in – stay at home clothes. Third drawer scarves and head wraps. Fourth drawer t-shirts – the long , sleeveless and short of it. Last drawer, sweatpants, shorts, and out of style I’ll clean up the house in jeans.

Then boom!

Imagine you come home & someone or something pulls all the drawers out and clothes are everywhere. I mean everywhere. You have socks & stockings in the kitchen. Shorts in the backyard. T-hirts hanging out in the basement. And sweatpants dripping wet and somehow hung in the bathroom to dry as if all dryers had broken down everywhere.

Hurricane, Tornado, Earthquake. How about all those & add a Tsunami in the mix.

Get the picture. It’s like, well everything you thought to be true is not. Just think about the mess of clothes everywhere. I am not even adding into the mix your fancy dress clothes or even work clothes.

That’s how it feels like when your writer’s voice is confused spiritually.

All writers  are guided by their spiritual voice.  And when your whole spiritual world sort of like crumbles, so does your writing.

Then the battle begins, much like the picture above. Each bull ready to lock horns.

Picking up the spiritual pieces has been hard. Writing has become harder. Who can write well in a state of confusion?

You’ll lose your reader and they will definitely not read past the first chapter much less the first page.

So for now my writing will change because I am in a sort of flux. Reevaluating everything. Trying to find all the missing  spiritual connectors that make sense.   Getting everything  back in the drawers in not so much the same order but arranged in such a way  that I can find my way again.


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