Month: December 2018

Your Writer’s Voice Is Your Spiritual Voice Part II


Who would have known that a letter would have caused such an uproar. That is the letter Y.

Just a couple of months ago and even on this blog as well as on my Facebook and Twitter posts I’ve proclaimed God, Lord and Jesus Christ.

Yahuah and Yahusha? I had never heard those names before.

No, I am not trying to become Jewish in my belief system.

Jacob had one son and nor he, nor his son, nor Abraham were “Jewish.” I found out that the letter J did not even exist until the 14th century. The letter J came into existence long after Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob had died.  Jacob’s name wasn’t Jacob, it was Ya’aqob.

Any word or name in the Bible had to be changed from J to Y. Even the letter I was suspect,  such as in Israel and Jesus which in Greek begins with the letter I had to be changed to the letter Y.

This I found to be called the “Mandela Effect.” Look it up.

Now on my previous post I showed  a picture of four cows circling around ready to fight. Here’s a disclaimer, I  in no way shape or form look at any animal as sacred or holy. Animals nonetheless are to be treated with a kind and firm hand period.

Getting back to the picture of the four cows. Most readers and believers of the book of Exodus (Hebrew name Shemoth, Shemoth by the way means name) know for a fact that the Israelites fell into idol worship while Moses was on the mountain receiving the ten commandments from The Most High. The idol worship they fell into included the Israelites forcing Aaron to carve a cow/bull out of gold that they probably saw worshipped in Egypt.

Stay with me now.

To add insult to injury the Israelites even stated that this cow/bull had rescued them out of Egypt. Any 5 year old hearing the story would exclaim, “That’s a lie the golden cow wasn’t even there crossing the red Sea with them.”

Those who believe in a Creator know that we worship the Creator not the creation nor things created by a man or woman’s hands as well as what they have imagined (ideas) in their minds. That golden calf/bull was an eyesore when Moses came off the mountain after having heard and received the tablets written with the fingers of a very powerful but invisible Supreme Being.

Continue to stay with me.

My vocabulary on spiritual matters has drastically changed. Just like that golden calf/bull – words like God, Jesus Christ, holy, sacred, church, hallow,Lord, christian etc. much like that golden calf/bull have had to go. (By the way The Most High had Moses burn the calf & mix it into water that the Israelites drank – I think that’s where the phrase, “eat your words,” came from). I no  longer utter those words/names/religious terminologies. I may use the words/names holy/Jesus Christ to explain the spiritual journey that I am on.

I can no longer read out of my “Holy Bible.” I have since purchased, “The Sriptures” and “Cepher” books with all the restored names  translated  from Paleo Hebrew  to English.

Yes, indeed I have made some very drastic changes!

No, I do not consider myself Hebrew Israelite and again I am not “Jewish.”

It’s about researching the etymology of words. All words and names spoken have an origin.

You really have to understand and be able to defend exactly what it is you are worshipping.

Let me go back to that golden calf/bull for a second.

In the book of Acts, Stephen gave a speech before he was stoned to death by a religious council and his false accusers. I want to focus in part of what Stephen said. Here is a direct quote from his speech:

“And they made a calf in those days, and brought an offering to the idol, and were rejoicing in the works of their own hands.” Acts 7:41

My religion had become my idol. There were names and words  that I was using that did not originate in scripture.

Mankind thinks that it is better at figuring things out than the invisible Supreme Being that does exist.

So the various bible translations have had pagan names inserted into them. No wonder people of various pagan belief systems would say, your blank is my idol blank that you are worshipping. Christianity is nothing more than a continuation of this or that faith system.

That always puzzled me and I would always reason that they borrowed the Bible’s system even though their faith system was older than certain aspects of the historical accounts of the bible.

You see no one wants to be told that they have been wrong. No matter how good an intention you have been living under.

I’ve had to change my vocabulary and be humbled enough to say, “I didn’t have a clue.”

Now I read the Set-Apart Scriptures to learn what is the true way to live. No more religion for me. That idol is buried. When the time comes to worship publicly on the weekly seventh day and  other days commanded by my Creator, I will do so knowing that I am off the wrong track of at least the “false names syndrome.” No one really arrives at a complete understanding but one can be confident  to know that removing idols of thought and physical appearance will help one to have a clearer understanding of the true belief system found in the Scriptures.

I knew there was a reason why I hadn’t published any books until now. I needed to be clear on these profound questions:

Who am I?

Why am I?

Where am I going?

Who put me here?

How do I get there?

When will it all be revealed?

What do I do in the meantime?

With Yahuah and Yahusha guiding my life, I know everything will be fine.

I am a writer, yes I am. Now I have the true spiritual voice to express that fact.