Thoughts of This Woman to her Emancipated Daughters

Her outrage cannot be contained

You have mislead many of her daughters

Leading them down the path

Of using their wombs

As slaughterhouses

Shaming those who oppose your wicked schemes

Denying her of a fruitful family tree

Branches ripped off and buried

In the petri dishes of cosmetics and vaccines

For the good of your own

You tell her daughters, “Well done, GIRLS”

You need not bear children

Just focus on

Your education

Your career

Your freedom

Your sexual expression

Deny yourself the experience of your Yah given gift to bear LIFE

A co-engineer of sorts

Do not be a woman of Proverbs 31 or Mathew 25

That archaic text

Of a superstitious time of ancient people

“An opium to the masses”

We are enlightened

This is what modern people do

How they solve problems

Your clinical care and antiseptic environment

Has brainwashed many

Now at zero population growth

Nation building propels new propaganda

How many unmarked graves are there of the innocent?

As you sit in the pristine architectural warehouses of old age

You wonder what might have been if this one or that one had been born?

They lied and told you that the problem was gotten rid of

No more a nuisance

An inconvenience

As you prepare to take your last breath

You wonder if in a time not like this

Those not given the opportunity here will one day breathe their first?

Regine Baptiste

Copyright 03/2019


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