Read With a Purpose

We can all agree that alot of reading goes on in public transportation. Swiping pictures of funny taglines and titles draws you in. The visuals are there so you can read the words.

From one topic to the next information gets thrown at us.

People have pretty much gotten use to seeing and reading the latest tragedy and then tuning in on their favorite sports game and then catching up on the latest movie to watch. All within minutes.

It’s time to take control of what you read.

Too much content interrupts our lives every day. How many readers would naturally watch much less choose so many topics to look into in such a short period of time? Our society has normalized this behavior.

It was called t.v. surfing when someone constantly changed channels. Now we just skip from the internet, to U-Tube, to Instagram, to e-mail, to Netflix, to app, to game, and whatever else.

Have you ever made a waiter annoyed while skipping from one part of the menu to the next because you didn’t know what you wanted to order? Well that’s what we do to our brains everyday on our cell phones. We lack focus and intent when we just skip from one screen to the next.

It’s like eating breakfast, lunch, dinner, and snacks all at once. No one eats all their meals at once.

Stop doing that with your mind.

It’s an easy fix to read with a purpose.

Every day make a choice of 3 – 5 things you will do on your cell phone.

The list can look like this:

  1. Text or telephone important people in your life.
  2. Watch one favorite U-Tube channel.
  3. Read a novel.

Next day:

  1. Watch the news to stay current.
  2. Upload and share pictures.
  3. Read an article or magazine.
  4. Make important calls.

Or the following day:

  1. Listen to music.
  2. Choose a topic you wanted to learn or research about.
  3. Check up on what’s going in Social Media.

We have to become like parents/guardians to ourselves when it comes to how much time we spend using our cell phones, laptops, smart phones etc.

With the weather becoming sunny and bright, look up rather than down. Life can be lived in the moment in the real outdoors not just another scene created for you on your cell phone.

If you suffer from a bit of withdrawal symptoms, take a book along and stay concentrated on reading just that book with your cell phone away.

You don’t have to be entertained or stimulate your brain all the time. Learn to take time to listen to your own thoughts one day at a time.

Get on purpose with your life. Choose wisely what you read or what you watch.

Shut off the attention hogs for 24 hours every once in a while. Leave your phone in your bag or better yet at home. Try for just one hour and then increase the hours so that you can do more.

Again, read with a purpose. You’ll see your life improve when you do.

Regine Baptiste


May, 2019


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