Close to three months of NO posts

IMG_20190417_141507With summer coming to an end, I just realized I hadn’t done a post in three months.

I’ve had plenty of dead end temporary jobs and interviews that I knew would go nowhere.

I guess life just not happening or moving forward as I wanted to has affected my rate of posting on WordPress.

I have two major posts that I’ve been working on though.

In the meantime, U-Tube has been my outlet for writing. While there, I’ve been reacting and engaging with other viewers.  You can make an impact in the comment section on U-Tube. I’ve been both bullied and cheered for my online rants.

Words just have to go outside and take a break. Looking down or looking straight ahead at words is alternative communication. A pure and healthy way to communicate your thoughts would be eyeball to eyeball in conversation. 

As summer winds down and people begin to stay indoors more, I’ll remember this past Summer’s walks at the beach, visits to the nursing home, late night revelations on U-Tube and the various neighborhoods I visited while job hunting.

Every so often I would marvel at natures’s beauty against the crisp blue sky of summer and just take a picture. No words needed.

Be on the lookout for my next two new posts.


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