My Next Post After A Long Break

I can’t believe it’s been a whole year since my last post on WordPress.

What have I been doing? Trying to make a living that’s all. Much like everyone else. I was using my WP to showcase my writing. I wanted to write for others as a copywriter.

Sad to say that has not happened. I’ve fallen off the wagon of those plans. I use to subscribe to a writer’s magazine online and read all these fabulous stories of copywriters living their best lives. Story after story of writers being hired to write.

But not me.

So why have I not written on WordPress?

I’ve turned to my YouTube account and started posting content there as Regine B Truth Seeker. I also have been feeding my Instagram account as well -wordgripaction. You will find both my YouTube and IG accounts filled with posts that are quite unique.

Since I want to be hired as a writer. I hired myself.

I plan on self-publishing a children’s book. That is as soon as I find a publishing company that matches my vision for the type of book I want to put out.

My creative side as a photographer has been busy too.

I have some pictures that I’ve taken and plan on framing them and selling them as interior design pieces.

So that’s what I have in the works for Word Grip Action Copywriting Service LLC so that my small business will generate income. I also would like a portion of my income from my sales to help others. We all know of the unfortunate circumstances we are in or others are finding themselves in financially in these unpredictable times.

So there you have it. Get ready for my next post on WordPress. It will be a heavy one dealing with Post-Traumatic Stress. That’s the hint. The second hint is that it will be a book review.

Be well until my next post. I promise you that it will not be until next year that I post again on WordPress.


2 thoughts on “My Next Post After A Long Break

  1. Did you get round to writing a children’s book? You have a lot of wonderful ideas; sometimes it’s hard to know what to focus on. It certainly is for me.


    1. Thanks for the follow and interest. I wrote a children’s book 2 years ago & thought a friend of mine would illustrate. I contacted some book publishers and they have been haggling me for a few months to see the manuscript. I need an illustrator & not sure if I should self-publish. I want this to be the best as I have a soft spot for children.


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