Month: April 2021

We need to be set free and stay free forever

Who will save us this time?
Yahuwah will send back Yahushuwah in a more spectacular way than any movie can capture. Join me on Instagram’s “Let’s sip some Sabbath tea,” for 30 seconds or 1 minute posts of insights from the Word of Yahuwah. In the meantime, read Scripture with the Restored Names of your Creator and Savior. Two affordable translations are “The Scriptures,” and “HalleluYah Scriptures.” Read the Word for yourself. All I can do is encourage you to establish a relationship with your Creator & Savior. You and your family deserve the best and the best is your Creator and Savior.
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Cecil B. De Mille’s “The Ten Commandments,” on DVD.
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Thirst for freedom

Yes, I have many projects:

My last post was about my upcoming Authors Discussions on YouTube “Regine B.Truth Seeker, ReinYah.”

Previous to that I am brainstorming “ReinYah Productions,” my wonderful flower pictures that will help support my writing efforts.

I continue to develop my children’s book.

I am on Instagram as “wordgripaction.”

“I also began “Let’s sip some Sabbath tea,” on Instagram as well. And between those two IG accounts I have achieved more than a few thousand views.

I am now an affiliate marketer on my IG account “wordgripaction,” for 22nd Century Woman natural hair products. Click on my profile on IG to find out more.

This Spring season I yearn to be financially free. Come join me on IG WordPress, and YouTube, I have incredible posts planned.

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Scene from Cecil B. DeMille’s “The Ten Commandments,” Paramount Pictures Corporation available at Amazon on DVD.

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