I am an aspiring copywriter. This blog is my musings on various topics of interest. It is also a sounding board of some sorts as well. Having this blog provides me with a project to follow-thru on once a month. It allows me the discipline to practice my writing as well as to develop an authentic voice.

I am grateful for the followers I have. I hope that as a result of my posts, the reader pauses and thinks a little more deeply.

For me reading is a very sacred and intimate activity. I get to truly understand the mind and viewpoint of another human being when I read books, articles, internet/blog sites, etc.

My favorite book to read is the bible as it is the only record we have to truly understand the mind of the Elohim. The purpose for each and every life comes from a one true and holy source. Other than getting on my knees and praying as well as meditating, reading the bible is a high level activity towards connecting to the divine.

I take the occupation of becoming a writer very seriously. Writing has the power to transform the thinking of others. I hope to only write what is true and to influence others in a way towards making better decisions in selecting products and services as a copywriter. Most important of all, I hope my readers come away exercising their brains a little bit more even if they do not agree with all of the content of my posts. If I miss the mark in anything I say, pardon my not being aware of what you may understand. I can only encourage others to read with a critical eye.

Thanks for being a part of this journey with me. I truly love the craft of writing and the fact that I am becoming one.


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