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We need to be set free and stay free forever

Who will save us this time?
Yahuwah will send back Yahushuwah in a more spectacular way than any movie can capture. Join me on Instagram’s “Let’s sip some Sabbath tea,” for 30 seconds or 1 minute posts of insights from the Word of Yahuwah. In the meantime, read Scripture with the Restored Names of your Creator and Savior. Two affordable translations are “The Scriptures,” and “HalleluYah Scriptures.” Read the Word for yourself. All I can do is encourage you to establish a relationship with your Creator & Savior. You and your family deserve the best andĀ the best is your Creator and Savior.
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Cecil B. De Mille’s “The Ten Commandments,” on DVD.
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Thirst for freedom

Yes, I have many projects:

My last post was about my upcoming Authors Discussions on YouTube “Regine B.Truth Seeker, ReinYah.”

Previous to that I am brainstorming “ReinYah Productions,” my wonderful flower pictures that will help support my writing efforts.

I continue to develop my children’s book.

I am on Instagram as “wordgripaction.”

“I also began “Let’s sip some Sabbath tea,” on Instagram as well. And between those two IG accounts I have achieved more than a few thousand views.

I am now an affiliate marketer on my IG account “wordgripaction,” for 22nd Century Woman natural hair products. Click on my profile on IG to find out more.

This Spring season I yearn to be financially free. Come join me on IG WordPress, and YouTube, I have incredible posts planned.

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Scene from Cecil B. DeMille’s “The Ten Commandments,” Paramount Pictures Corporation available at Amazon on DVD.

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Healing Beyond Black History Month

CORRECTION 02/06/21. I usually post after the first recording. I aim for a more natural presentation. I prefer to be behind the scenes but some posts demand human representation. Please comment as I would greatly appreciate feedback from the viewing audience.

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Correction recorded on 02/06/21.
Twinings “Chai Ultra Spice,” tea.
Abiyah’s Worship & Praise Music Video Song 10, “HalleluYah.”
Translation for Scriptural readings used – “HalleluYah Scriptures Yahuwah.”
Book “Come out of her my people,” by CJ Koster.
Watch also Regine B. Truth Seeker ReinYah YouTube post
“The Slave ship Jesus in Christianity.”
Article read from Face 2 Face by staff writer Michael Eli Dokosi, “How England’s first slave trader lured Africans on his Jesus ship and sold them into slavery.” 10/2019
Painting by J.M.W. Turner first exhibit in 1840
“The Slave Ship,” now at the Museum of Fine Arts in Boston. (Wikipedia)
John 6:44;65
Correction David future ruler over Israel, yes there are references that Messiah would be born of Israel from the lineage of David ruling in Revelation- one direct specific verse for David is Ezekiel 37:24-25. If I find the specific verse for David’s future rule in Revelation, I will add in the description area.
I Corinthians1:26-29.
Pride comes beforeĀ  the fall – Proverbs 16:18
Psalms 115:, 116:, 117:, and 23:.
WordPress article to read “400 Years After 1619-2019,” by Regine Baptiste 10/30/2019 found at Word Grip Action Copywriting Service.
Correction “We have inherited lies from our forefathers,” is not in Isaiah but Jeremiah 16:19-21.
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Get ready for “Authors Discussions” on YouTube

On YouTube “Authors Discussions” 1

“Post Traumatic Slave Syndrome,” by Dr. Joy Degruy

Welcome back to my WordPress platform.

I’ve decided to put forth more varied content on YouTube through an “Authors Discussions” series.
The first book I will be reviewing is “Post Traumatic Slave Syndrome,” by Dr. Joy Degruy.

You can find me on YouTube as Regine B. Truth Seeker ReinYah.

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Eat & Wear White

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“HalleluYah Scriptures” translation
II Chronicles 5:
Ecclesiastes 9:8
Revelation 7:9
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A white garment awaits all those doing _ protecting _ following Torah in a covenant with Sovereign YAHUWAH. The blood of Yahushuwah paid for us to have all our sins cleansed.

Opportunities to support this work through the purchase of flower photographs will come in the near future.

Regine Baptiste