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The Humble Potato


By looking at the dish above, you would not know that there was a potato in it at all. It’s a simple dish. A baked potato cut in half sprinkled with sauteed broccoli in coconut oil with just a sprinkle of cheese for flavor and a touch of pink salt.

When I was learning how to cook, I would constantly look for recipes that were complicated and took long hours to make. I wanted to become a really good cook.

A common vegetable like the potato was not a choice for my cooking adventures. Yet, the potato and in this case the white or yellow varieties like the Russet and Yukon Gold are not boring. They really make a difference to your health when cooked properly. Both varieties can usually be found at your local supermarket.

Now when I look at cooking shows and read recipes, I wonder how much of the dish will impact my health? In other words how much of the nutritional value in the ingredients used will be cooked out? I try to find recipes that the home cook can recreate without a hassle. The items to the recipe should be easily found at your local supermarket. No reason for me to travel 30 miles for truffle oil. Extremely pricey as well.

I love the creativity that chefs bring. Really I do. It’s amazing to see foods transformed into pastries, foams, breads, cakes, souffles,  braised and grilled meats and so the list goes on. The oohh and aaah of it all.

Yet, there should be a balance in everything. Especially the foods we eat.

Our day to day eating should be of foods left in their original state as much as possible. This is nothing new, just a reminder post for all you readers.

With more and more of foods being packaged in carton boxes and plastic, there needs to be a reverse in this trend not an increase. The result of food being prepared in this way causes an ever increasing market for vitamins, supplements, as well as the newest spice in pill form to cure our cancers.

So let’s take a look at the humble potato. Taking a closer look at one food item at a time can lead to better choices when you eat.  Let’s begin if you have not already with the potato. Or maybe, you haven’t eaten a potato in long time just because.

In the book “The Doctors Book of Food Remedies,” by Selene Yeager and the Editors of Prevention Health Books, copyright 1998 by Rodale Inc., various authorities on the potato note on pages 439 – 440, state: The potato can be healing as the peel has in it an anticarcinogenic acid. A baked 7 ounce potato with the skin on can give you almost a third of your potassium intake for the day. That same 7 ounce potato also contains about 45 percent of your daily need of vitamin C. end citation.

See what that humble potato can do for you?  The potato is overlooked most of the time as a very nutritious food selection.

Vegetables prepared as close as possible in their natural state are better for you. Baking a potato is better than boiling it. Why? Because most of the nutrients float out into the boiling water. Those nutrients should be in your body instead. And certainly we should stay away from frying potatos. Although, I’ve been guilty in that area about once or twice a year.

So go out and buy a bunch of potatoes. Find a way to put them back into your meal planning. You can bake about 4-6 or more on the weekends and simply reheat during the week for a filling, nutritious breakfast, lunch, dinner or even a snack.

Below is a list of different ways potatoes are prepared. If you have a new recipe or way you eat potatoes in your culture or country, I’ll like to know what it is. Send me a post.

The Potato List

Baked potato, twice baked potato, scalloped potatoes, mashed potatoes, cold potato salad, warm potato salad, latkes, potato pancake, potato cake, potato dumplings, smashed potatoes, Shepherd’s pie, stew with potatoes, potato soup, potato chips, french fries, cornbeef hash, steak fries, shoestring potatoes, potato bread, potato doughnut, potato scone, potato skins, potato waffle, potato wedges, poutine, samosas, potato dumplings, Spanish omelette, hash browns, tater tots, potato au gratin, gnocchi, breakfast potatoes, potato fish cakes, spiralized potatoes, potato flour, vodka, roti, and who can ever forget Mr. Potatoe? (he’s plastic and not to be eaten)

However tempting as all of these ways are, always remember that the best way to have a potato is a baked potato. Hold the butter and drizzle with a little olive oil and natural salt instead. A little apple cider vinegar or squeeze of a lemon adds a nice tang to your tastebuds as well.

Cheers to the humble potato. You’ve been underground for far too long.



Women Business Owners in the Harlem Community Celebrating Women’s Month

Harlem Mar 22.pdf – Google Drive

March 15, 2018, celebrating Women Business Owners doing business in Harlem. Thank-you Harlem Community News and Health First for a fabulous day.

Click the link above and I am higlighted on page 15 in March 22nd’s Harlem Community newspaper.

Regine Baptiste




The Bread of my People


I’d reached the middle of February 2018 when something came over me to make “Pain Mais.” Since returning to New York about 10 years ago, this would be only the second time in 10 years that I would be making Haitian cornbread – Pain Mais – the bread of my people.

Running around for weeks skipping breakfast was not doing me any good. One morning I realized that there were three over riped bananas on the dining room table. The previous week I had thrown out one banana gone bad and throwing out three this week would’ve been a crime. The only recipe I knew offhand by heart that would use three overriped bananas was Pain Mais.  American style Banana Bread was another recipe but I had long lost my bread pan to make that. Pain Mais was the only option that would rescue three very sad looking bananas.

I was feeling  frustrated and helpless that afternoon. I had completed yet another temp. assignment the week before and now I had no job to go to for the current week. I had spent weeks looking for and applying to writing assignments with nothing coming up. Truly I was living between a rock and a hard place.

Stirring cornmeal on a hot stove and then baking it was the therapy I needed. I had bought a pack of steno pads the week before but only managed to write about two pages worth of notes for my book. I wanted to see a project completed from beginning to end.  Cooking at the moment was the only thing to do that provided that sort of  satisfaction.

It’s a known fact that most artists are only appreciated until after they are dead. Basquiat’s painting on loan to the Brooklyn Museum right now is what comes to mind. Unfortunately, drugs cut short the life of a young Haitian artist making it in New York City.

For now copywriting has not supported me.  Copywriting has inspired my vision to be a writer. Nevertheless, I really appreciate the temp. jobs when they do come.

I wish I could say the same for copywriting assignments.

Something very much a coincidence happened as I was preparing the Pain Mais.

As I flipped through the channels to get some noise going other than my breathing,  a show called Afro Pop had a commemorative special on the earthquake that occurred in Haiti in 2010.

As I stirred the thick cornmeal gruel on the stove top, my emotions were stirred as well to the visual reminders of seeing the devastation of an earthquake on my people in their country. Inadequate is not the word that can describe how I felt.

Instead of trying to make sense of what I saw, I focused on the task at hand, making the bread of my people.

Many lives lossed yes. Haitian people got up after the earth shook and broke buildings but not their spirit to live. They saved those who could be saved. Money disappeared. What else was new? Tents and makeshift houses came up. The lines of the cruel blows of disappointment etched onto faces ready to resist. And here I stood connected by the bread of my people. We’re surviving. Promises made, promises broken.  We are here ready to move forward. Today we made the most of what we could. Waiting for Bon Dieu to answer our requests. We know the routine. We must wait. And in waiting we are still here.

Haiti forever in my heart.

Regine Baptiste







It’s Not Just The Chemicals In Ice Cream That Are Bad For You

20171221_183619(Please see at the end of this blog how Adirondack ice cream is part of the solution.)

If your ice cream has Polysorbate 80 or Mono and Diglycerides you must stop eating it now. I remember the first time someone told me that.

Like most people, I had taken for granted what was in my food. If it had a good taste and the price was right then I continued to buy it and eat it.

That was the wrong way to go about choosing food.

I had been influenced by many commercials that made my trip to the supermarket a no brainer. Instead of choosing quality foods, I chose brands.

I had a sheep mentality.

Before I continue, I’ll like to share with you important facts about ice cream you need to read about. There are many Food Activists out there who are tirelessly challenging companies to remove harmful ingredients from their products.  One excellent source is,”Food Babe” fame Vani Hart who has written two articles related to ice cream and milk products, they are, “Is There Really A Healthy Ice Cream Brand?,” and “After You Read This You’ll Never Look At Milk The Same Way Again!” Read these two articles for the details you need to know the next time you buy ice cream and milk products.

For decades many voices have been crying out to the food industry to change. Vani Hart has a bold and fresh way that has added many wins in the battle towards healthy food consumption. In my opinion she is fearless.

You don’t need to have a sheep mentality anymore. I chose Vani as she can provide you with up to date and immediate steps to take about various foods. You’ll enjoy reading her articles and books.

We have a personal responsibility towards better food choices.  Using our cell phones for research can speed up what we need to know about food. The next time you are at the supermarket, do more than just read the labels. Look up the ingredients. Google Polysorbate 80 on your cell phone. Once you do, you’ll see how harmful Polysorbate 80 is and put that food item back on the shelf that contains it.

The force for positive change begins with you. It’s not just the chemicals in food that are bad for you, it’s your willingness to keep a blind fold over your eyes when you buy food.

This issue is much bigger than your own health.

With tens of thousands of farmers from around the world committing suicide, that fact should be an alarming indicator that something has gone very wrong with our food supply.

If you and I do not personally know a farmer who has died, I am sure we know someone who has died from cancer. Each passing year, the battle to end cancer and other autoimmune diseases is not being won. If the direct causes of these diseases are not from our food and water supplies, then what is?

Food Companies will try to convince you that their farming methods extend the shelf life of foods.  They also reason that the chemicals added allow them to feed multiple millions of people who would otherwise starve. They are wrong! And the countless lives already loss prove them wrong.

If only we would ask a loving Creator to help us in this food crisis.

Food Companies need to admit the devastation they’ve reaped from their farming methods with the noxious chemicals they continue to add to the food supply.

Simply labeling certain food items organic is not enough. Every food item must be organic.

Do you really think our Creator would refuse to help us if we simply came clean and confessed that we cannot fix the damage already done?

Human stubbornness and pride prevents this from happening.

Up and coming adults (Millenials) who soon will be taking charge of society reason that since religion has failed, God must not exist. Wrong! We’ve failed. We’re here on Earth to learn lessons. This is not a philosophical statement, it’s our reality. And the elephant in the room is that our food supply is corrupted. God who created Heaven and Earth will fix the food supply issues for us. Millenials and Generation Z for that matter will not. We’ll soon learn that Christ must rule this Earth.

In the meantime, we the consumers must make better choices, one food item at a time.

As stated in my last blog post, I recently discovered Adirondack French Ice Cream Creamery. The vanilla flavor of this ice cream did not disappoint. You’ll have to try it for yourself to find out. The list of ingredients of Adirondack All Natural Vanilla French Ice Cream Creamery are: Cream, Milk, Cane Sugar, Nonfat Dry Milk, Egg Yolks, and Pure Vanilla Extract. You’ll also read on the back of the label that this ice cream is from rbST free milk and cream. Visit them at to learn more about their company.

Also, on the back of the Adirondack label you’ll read the slogan “Ice Cream as it Should Be.” I’ll like to add food as it should be. Use the power of your wallet to purchase from food companies and farms that are trying to do the right thing. Your health will thank you for it.

I hope I’ve made an impact on what foods you will select the next time you are at the supermarket.

This article was not a paid advertisement or endorsement from any person, company, or product mentioned on this blog post. My goal as a copywriter is to promote products and services that truly serve humanity.

Please support your local farmer.

Next month I’ll be tackling the potato.






Changing Your Taste For Ice cream

Are you used to that sugary high you get when you have ice cream?

With sugar being the cause of alot of health problems, it’s about time for us to lose that bad habit.

Sugar is the undercover drug of choice for many of us.

My main downfall in the area of sugar consumption has been ice cream.

It’s easy for me to turn down cake, pie, cookies,  and doughnuts. I’ve also stopped buying bleached white sugar.

But ice cream that’s my go to comfort food.

As with any addiction, the process begins with slowly weaning yourself so that you don’t experience any withdrawal symtoms.

You have to be fully committed when breaking any bad habit.

Making better health choices requires that you read the ingredients of any packaged food item.

Look up all the ingredients the next time you are buying ice cream. You’ll be surprised at how bad most of those ingredients are for you. Not to mention the sugar content.

When I started to read and look up the ingredients that were in ice cream, I started eating less of it. My choices were down to about three ice cream brands.

Recently, at a supermarket I normally don’t go to, I was looking for some ice cream.  As I checked out each brand of ice cream, most had questionable amounts of sugar and ingredients.

I was pleasantly surprised to discover Adirondack French Ice cream Creamery. Not only did the ice cream taste less sweet than most, it was refreshing. I tried a new flavor, Kulfi Pistachio Cardamom. This ice cream did not have the typical neon green color of most pistachio ice creams. Although, I was missing a strong cardamom flavor profile, the taste of salty pistachios nuts came through. I  had no guilt feelings after eating this ice cream.

I haven’t had ice cream in over a month. Sugar is not a priority. My health is.

But when I do, I can’t wait to try another flavor from Adirondack French Ice cream Creamery.


When Was The Last Time You Did Something Ordinary and Become Successful? — Cognizance

Have you ever dreamt of being one of your idols, Mark Zuckerberg? Evan Spiegel? Sophia Amoruso? If you wanting to become one of them, you have to do what others won’t do to stand out from the crowd. There is no way that easy work can lead to a successful future, it’s all about doing […]

via When Was The Last Time You Did Something Ordinary and Become Successful? — Cognizance

Eden’s Garden Juices

A couple of months ago I was at the tasting event, “Explore West Harlem.” It was hosted by the NY Women’s Chamber of Commerce. I must say I had the most refreshing cold pressed juice from Eden’s Garden Juices. The mantra for their brand is “I decide, I am…enough”

Really, all we can do is put our best foot forward everyday. You can and should study or work as hard as you can. Yet, most times the world doesn’t seem to pay you back or return in kind your best efforts.

“I decide, I am…enough” is just accepting the way things have turned out. There’s always this pull to make things better, push harder, well if you’ve done all that and nothing has budged, it’s time to say, “I decide, I am…enough” Here’s a brand I can truly identify with. Genius.

There are some things beyond our control. What a humbling thought. It’s not about quitting or giving up. You just have to come to a peaceful place where you’ve given it your best shot.

Now is the time to pause, reflect, and review. What’s working what’s not.

It’s here where you rejuvenate yourself and rest for a while. Take a break. Look at the full picture of life, instead of seeing yourself running here and there to make a deadline. Now’s the time to sharpen your tools and get ready for the next phase.

Thanks, Eden’s Garden Juices for that lesson. It took time to understand. Truly a brand to be proud of.

I’ll also like to make mention of another company at the West Harlem event, Honor Thy Sweets, LLC. This small business makes memorable vegan cupcakes. Very moist and guilt free small bites of deliciousness.