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“AWAI’s 2016 Copywriting Pricing Guide”


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Repost of “How Can Direct Mail Help Your New Product Launch?” December 15, 2015 from Melinda Emerson’s website

“Direct mail has been the chosen marketing technique for millions of companies across the globe for several decades. With businesses over using email, direct mail offers a means of clear communication with a target audience that can help….”

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How Can Direct Mail Help Your New Product Launch?“The author of this article is Jeremy Benson.

from”Direct mail is a great tool to spread the word about your product launch.”

Hopefully after reading  this article from Melinda Emerson’s website, you will be encouraged to use direct mail as one of your marketing strategies for your business this year. Please contact me at and I can assist you with the sales letter writing of your direct mail piece.


  • effortless – (adjective) requiring no effort; display no signs of effort; easy.
  • effort – (noun) 1. exertion of physical or mental power. 2. an earnest or strenuous attempt.

definitions taken from 12/9/15

I am taking the time to define my title as in our world, words change meaning. I would like learn how to write-effortlessly. I know that I have put forth a lot of time and study for my writing to come more easily.

Here’s an exciting update on my copywriting business. I’ve approached three people about writing sales copy and all three have been willing to give my services a try. The catch was, I would provide free services. Sounds counterintuitive but I want to concentrate on creating a workflow and system of handling clients. To do this effectively, I would need real clients. I would gain the advantage of a ready made portfolio showcasing actual experience. Not just generic pieces from made up companies. Just like a chef in training doesn’t cook make-believe food.

Becoming effortless reminds me of the time when I was a kid. Once, I tried to mimic the moves of a ballerina. The awkward and twisted hand features did not match the graceful moves I was trying to copy. I then learned that it took much practice and years to become a ballerina. Not to mention my awareness that my body was too small and stiff. The same can be said about writing effortlessly. One day my writing will be read in such a way that the words will move just as effortlessly as a ballerina.

My friend be safe, peaceful, and grateful till next month.